About AssetBase

AssetBase is an independent investment management company. We construct portfolios by conducting in-depth research of asset allocations to achieve specific objectives.

We are able to achieve this at a more competitive rate than it would cost the individual investor to assemble their own portfolio from various components.

Assetbase enjoys an exclusive relationship with Netto Invest which results in a client-centric portfolio design and review process for investors. Daily support, succession planning, compliance back-up and disaster recovery are all supplied by MitonOptimal.

About James Downie

At the helm of Assetbase is James Downie who is directly responsible for the management of the Assetbase portfolios in partnership with the team at MitonOptimal, an investment management company with operations in South Africa and the Isle of Man.

James has more than 25 years’ experience in investment management and is well-respected in the retirement fund industry.

James is member of MitonOptimal’s investment committee, a trustee of numerous large retirement funds, is on the board of a well-known South African life insurance company and he holds a 1st class BSc in Mathematics and Statistics, a CFP® and an MBA.

Assetbase outsources the due diligence, manager research, economic research, market research and compliance to MitonOptimal of which James is an integral and senior member of the team.

Roeloff Horne

Roelof is the Head of SA Portfolio Management at MitonOptimal where he is responsible for managing the outcome of the Local Multi Asset Funds and Portfolios. He was a founder and Director of Eagle Asset Management and Bond Street Financial Services, which is now MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (SA). He has a National Certificate in Financial Markets & Instruments and an International Capital Markets qualification from the London Securities Institute.

Scott Campbell

Scott is Managing Director of the MitonOptimal Group and the Chief Investment Officer. He started his career with AMP Group in New Zealand in 1989, later joining Appleton in 1996 where he achieved a five-star ranking and awards from Standard & Poor’s for the management of several of the Appleton range of offshore funds. In 2002 he set up what is now MitonOptimal Guernsey and now leads the development of MitonOptimal group of companies.

Joanne Baynham

Joanne is the Head of Investment Strategy and Director of MitonOptimal SA. Joanne is a CA and CFA® and she has lead responsibility for macro-economic, asset allocation and fundamental research. Joanne spent 6 years with Appleton Asset Management, before moving to Optimal Fund Management prior to the merger with Miton Investments.

Shaun McDade

Shaun has specialised in investment management since 1984 and has worked for a variety of Guernsey-based entities that include UK and international banks, stockbrokers and private trust companies. Co-founder of an asset management business that was later acquired by MitonOptimal, he is the Managing Director (Guernsey) and the Head of Portfolio Management (International).